Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts and Questions

I've been told that Outori-san had finally made her decision. We were going to receive a new addition to our society. Sora-sama will be pleased. I smiled a little, walking down the silent corridor that led to the official meeting room of the Black Rose Society. Sora-sama hadn't told any of us why, exactly, she was so important yet, but I suppose we shall all get an explanation soon.

Sparing Sora-sama a glance and a nod, I unceremoniously plopped down on the edge of the cushy sofa. Realizing that our leader didn't respond to my greeting, I turned.

Takumi: Is...something the matter, Sora-sama?
Sora: ...I'm just thinking. Where are the others?

Odd... He didn't bother to correct me when I addressed him so formally.

Takumi: They should be here soon. As well as Outori-san, the new recruit.
Sora: I see...

Silence reigned. I didn't know what else to say. It was most unwise to speak to Sora-sama when he is thinking. Instead, I closed my eyes and waited for the rest to arrive.

I wonder what drew Sora-sama to Outori-san. She seemed like a regular human girl to me... Is it possible that she held some sort of power? No...Sora-sama wouldn't recruit someone solely because of power. What did Sora-sama see in her...that I didn't?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The new member

I was strolling through the schools gardens, tending to my lovely roses, enjoying the peace and quite. Well almost, I heard the argument before I could see the arguers, it was Sayuri and Asuka. I was slightly surprise, I never saw them argue before, and to me they had always looked like tight friends. But now...

I watched them from afar, from what I could hear, Asuka was apologizing for something, while Sayuri seemed to be ignoring me. When she saw me, Sayuri headed my way, I smiled kindly, not quite knowing what was going to happen next.

Sayuri : I am going to join the council
Asuka: No! You are not!
Sayuri: Yes I am

I looked back and forth between them, then gave Sayuri a warm smile.

Emi: Then Welcome to the Council

And with that look in her eyes, I could see that she wasn't going to back down.

Chance Meeting IV

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.
How could I have been so careless?

I was so distracted by this mere human that i'd almost forgotten about the dangers in the school. Cursing my slow reflexes, I jumped back. Gazing hard at Asuka and the gun in her hand, I drew my sword and the blade glinted at the hope of bloodshed. I was prepared for anything

However, I was not prepared for Sayuri to leap in between us, arms stretched out with no fear.

Sayuri: STOP THIS! Weren't you two...didn't you two used to be friends?

I stiffened, and I could see Asuka freeze.
This human girl, is much more perceptive than I thought.

Asuka: No.
Asuka: We were never...friends.

She said the word like a disease and for a moment, I felt something twist painfully in my chest.
Sayuri shook her head, black hair following her like a banner.

Sayuri: That's a lie. I can read your auras. They're familiar with each other... comfortable...close...

Sayuri sounded almost wistful. I blinked as Asuka locked eyes with me. She looked back at Sayuri who held her gaze with determination. I couldn't see her facial expression but something made Asuka sigh and holster her gun.

Asuka: Don't look at me like that...I'm not lying to you.

She looked at me coldly and I tightened my grip on my blade. I wasn't going to have any openings but I did feel the need to explain to Sayuri.

Sora: We were childhood friends

I was speaking quietly, while mentally building up a barrier. This way, no one would be able to hear our conversation.

Sora: We used to always play together, under the tree in a field near here. We promised to always be friends. But... one day, she didn't come.

Asuka looked away, her short hair shielding her eyes. Sayuri had relaxed her stance, looking back at me with her brown eyes.

Sayuri: Why not?
Sora: To be honest...I don't know.

I was replying truthfully. Sayuri glanced at Asuka before her eyes widened with understanding. What was that all about? Asuka, who was still looking away, clenched her fists.

Sayuri: Oh Asuka...
Her voice was soft, soothing. I swallowed.
Sora: After that, the next time we saw each other, she pulled her gun on me and told me that we were enemies.

Sayuri touched Asuka's shoulder, in a comforting gesture.

Sayuri: Asuka... it's all in the past. You surely don't think that...

Asuka spun around, her face a vision of absolute rage and hatred. She fixed her pointed stare at me and her words were like poison.

Asuka: I don't care what I think. All I want is him to stay out of my business and away from the people I love! He... he's... He's a...!
Sayuri: But...

Sayuri's face fell--her eyes darkened and Asuka gasped, taking a step forward, her hand outstretched like she was going to offer her apology. Sayuri turned away, her eyes dark and empty. I was shocked though I didn't show it. One moment she was so full of life and now... What was going on?

Asuka: Oh... Sayuri... I didn't mean...
Sayuri: No, you did. But that's okay.

Her voice was bitter as she walked away, Asuka chased after her but not before whispering a warning to me.

Asuka: I warned you Minami. Stay away.

I scoffed as she left, sheathing my sword. I looked down at it as the hilt glinted in the light, as though asking a question

Sora: I know... I need to find out about Sayuri's past.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chance Meeting III

"Oh I know you used to be friends... I'll confirm that one way or another."

I don't know why his words bothered me...nor do I care to. Why dig up the past anyway? It didn't matter anymore. I shook my head as I forced my mind to turn to more important matters. For example: Sayuri's whereabouts. She should be close by. She must be close by, so that I could keep her safe...!

I dashed madly through the hallways, probably half-scaring some innocents to death, but there was more at stake than their fragile state of minds. I couldn't let Sayuri fall into their hands. I couldn't afford to fail. Not again. Never. Again.

It was then, amidst my whirling thoughts, that I finally caught a soft, silvery wisp of an aura.

Sayuri was close by.

I rushed off, feeling the aura get stronger and stronger as I ran. What was this...strong emotion...? And this...other aura...?

"Minami..." I growled as I finally caught sight of them.

Sora: You know, you're a strange girl.
Asuka: I think so too.

Both Sayuri and Minami jumped to their feet. I tried to control myself as I strode towards them.

Asuka: So. Care to explain what's going on?
Sora: I don't know, you tell me.

I couldn't help my eyes narrowing at that statement, reaching to my gun holster instinctively.

Asuka: I told you to stay away from her...
Sora: And I told you that it's Sayuri's decision to make.
Asuka: And you just
happened to walk on by and found Sayuri alone? Make me believe you, Minami!

I couldn't help the surge of rage I felt as I drew my gun and pointed it at him. At the same time, Minami quickly drew his sword, probably ready for whatever I could throw his way. I was about to fire when Sayuri threw herself between us.

Asuka: Sayuri!? What are you doing? Get out of the way!
Sayuri: STOP THIS! Weren't you two...didn't you two use to be friends?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chance Meeting II

Sayuri took a deep breath, fidgeting with her fingers. She didn't know how to explain. Sora fixed his ebony eyes on her, his expression unreadable. She seemed interested in the ridges of her fingertips all of a sudden.

Sayuri: Well... Emi... Emi is a kind soul. She also loves flowers. I-I see her around them a lot. I have a feeling.. she's not very self confident is she?
Sora: Maybe you're right.
Sayuri: And Rikka, I don't think she likes me.

Sora chuckled again softly, shaking his head. Rikka was a complicated creature--like a wild cat. One he used to be able to tame. That's what drew him towards her before.
Sora: Rikka... she's special.
Sayuri: ...she is. She's very fierce. Like a free spirit, but also elegant at the same time. She seems to hate humans very much though... i wonder why...?
Sora: ... she'll tell you when the time is right.
Sayuri: Heh..oh and Takumi...
Sayuri thought for a while.

Sayuri: Takumi.. he's like a shadow isn't he? No wonder everyone calls him 'Kage' (Shadow). He's so silent, mysterious and just pops up once in a while.
Sora: We're all mysterious and different.
Sayuri: yes you are.. but you're... you're not like them...
Sora: What do you mean?
Sayuri: You're the Prince of the school, head of the student council. You're very strong, very commanding and a great leader.
Sora: Must be great huh? To have all this power.
Sayuri: ... must be so lonely.
Sora: Huh?

Sora started, eyes suddenly darted to her face, which was lifted up gazing at the blinding sunlight and expanse of blue. She smiled softly.

Sayuri: It must be tough.. having so many expectations. People who demand so much of you. You have to keep everything in order and all. You must feel so contrained. It must be so hard.
Sora: It's not.
Sayuri: You know, I think that sometimes you should tell the truth about how you feel. Everyone would help you. It'd make it easier and all that pressure and constrained feelings would lessen.

Sora's eyes widened. No one had ever said that to him. No one besides Takumi ever spoke about the demands, expectations that comes with being a leader. Everyone else naturally thought that he was okay with everything. He opened his mouth to say something but...
What could he say? This woman--this human woman had rendered him unable to speak. For the first time, ever he felt... relieved. Relieved that someone finally understood all that pressure. Sayuri felt the gap between them grow smaller, and as she sat there smiling, for the first time, he looked at her with warm eyes.
Sora: You know, you're a strange girl.
Asuka: I think so too.

Sora and Sayuri jumped to their feet and swirled around as a very annoyed-looking Asuka stood there with her arms folded. Sora mentally cursed himself. How could he have been so distracted with his surroundings? Sayuri felt Sora tense up and close himself up again in those icy walls of his. She smiled sadly. Just when she felt that things were going great...

Asuka: So. Care to explain what's going on?
Sora: I don't know, you tell me.

Sayuri shivered. Sora's eyes were cold once again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chance Meeting.

I sighed while leaning against the walls of the school, books clutched under my arms. I hated it when teachers picked on me during class--because then I had to point out that their facts were all wrong. Since when was Hitler German? He was Austrian for Christ's sake.
My head was spinning and I headed for the grassy spot under a nearby tree to relax.

There were too many things going on in my head. First, Asuka and Sora... what was that all about? Then Asuka warns me to stay away from Taiki. Then the student council and the worst: homework.
I think if I don't die from the "danger" Asuka keeps going about first, school work is going to kill me.

I glance up quickly just as a shadow approached me.

Sora: Hello there.
Sayuri: Oh... Sora...sama...

He was so silent that I wouldn't have noticed his approaching if I didn't recognise his aura. Damn, I'm getting rusty.

Sora: Mind if I join you?
Sayuri: Please, there's plenty of space. Sit down.
Sora: I prefer to stand.
Sayuri: The grass won't kill you.
Sora: ...
Sayuri: Besides, it's nice to take a break from the world and get a good look at what life is like from the bottom.
Sora: You have strange thoughts.

But he settled down beside me, awkwardly putting his legs in front of him. I tried not to laugh but it looked so out of place for the "prince" of the school.

Sora: You find me amusing?
Sayuri: Yes. I didn't expect you to sit like that.
Sora: You're very honest.
Sayuri: ...sorry.

I heard Sora chuckle and I felt a quiver in my heart. It was the first time I saw him smile.

Sora: Don't apologize. It's...refreshing.

I get the feeling people don't tell him the truth very often. There was a sudden silence as we sat there, next to each other. I could feel the heat of his aura from where I was sitting and suddenly my face felt warm. The silence was comfortable, as though we were just relaxing in each other's presence. However, I felt the need to make conversation.

Sayuri: Erm.. about the council...
Sora: Yes, I came to talk to you about that.
Sayuri: Oh..

Oh. So that's all it was.

So he didn't just want to talk. Of course. How stupid of me to think that he would just want to talk to me. What was I thinking anyway?

Sora: Tell me what you think about the members.
Sayuri: Huh? You... want my opinion?
Sora: I believe that's what I just said.

I swear I saw his lips curve up slightly at the corners.
Was he laughing at me?

Maybe he wasn't as cold as I thought he was...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I was glaring at the printer, mentally blaming it for my lack of technical skills. Damn Takumi and his superiority complex. Was it my fault if I grew up in an old school aristocratic family?! Shade, being the intelligent cat that he was, was sleeping on the sofa far away.

When finally all the pages were printed I slotted them neatly into my bag which was laying at my feat. Sora had asked for them at dinner, so I would do some light reading, i thought sarcastically. There was way too little information on Taiki, for my comfort.

Lost in my thoughts I almost didn't hear the footsteps till they were in front of the door. I knew those footsteps and I quickly turned of the computer. Or tried would be better. Mentally urging the computer on, I tried everything I knew, but alas the the door opened with the information still on screen.


I screamed ramming my boot into the screen, sending it flying against the wall and box sliding after it.

Taiki: uhh..,. did I interrupt something 

Taiki stood hesitantly at the door, not quite concealing the smile on his face.Which infuriated me even more.


He shrugged and slandered over, pausing beside my bag, which had been thrown around in my tantrum.

Taiki: What is...

He screamed before he could finish the question. Using the distraction I quickly gathered up everything and stuffed it back into my bag.

Taiki: Your cat needs to be house trained

 He growled angrily while inspecting the claw marks on his leg. I smiled.

Rikka: He just doesn't like you, cats have sense for such things

I headed out, Shade following behind. I could hear Taiki mutter something, but too quietly for me to hear.