Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts and Questions

I've been told that Outori-san had finally made her decision. We were going to receive a new addition to our society. Sora-sama will be pleased. I smiled a little, walking down the silent corridor that led to the official meeting room of the Black Rose Society. Sora-sama hadn't told any of us why, exactly, she was so important yet, but I suppose we shall all get an explanation soon.

Sparing Sora-sama a glance and a nod, I unceremoniously plopped down on the edge of the cushy sofa. Realizing that our leader didn't respond to my greeting, I turned.

Takumi: Is...something the matter, Sora-sama?
Sora: ...I'm just thinking. Where are the others?

Odd... He didn't bother to correct me when I addressed him so formally.

Takumi: They should be here soon. As well as Outori-san, the new recruit.
Sora: I see...

Silence reigned. I didn't know what else to say. It was most unwise to speak to Sora-sama when he is thinking. Instead, I closed my eyes and waited for the rest to arrive.

I wonder what drew Sora-sama to Outori-san. She seemed like a regular human girl to me... Is it possible that she held some sort of power? No...Sora-sama wouldn't recruit someone solely because of power. What did Sora-sama see in her...that I didn't?

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